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Here’s the idea of the characters

  • Rolph is the farm-crazed character who in the show tends to his animals in crops in the neighborhood—his backyard farm. So he died in the 1910’s and kept his old-world farming ideals with him in afterlife.
  • Johnny lived there in the 1900’s and had no friends, he was very lonely so he had an imaginary friend, plank, that died with him.
  • Eddy came in the 1930’s, he is a schemer and obsessed with money. It is said he was alive in the great depression and would do anything to get money and he takes that aspect of himself to the afterlife.
  • Sarah and Ed came in the 1950’s. Sarah is very controlling and she acts like that in the show, Ed acts dumb and shuts the world out. Cartoons and comic books were popular then, and Ed thrives on those. It is suggested that they had strict and little parenting explaining their behavior.
  • Nazz came in the 1960’s (or 70’s maybe) and she was a flower child. She is a flirt, uncaring, and free and keeps that characteristic in the afterlife.
  • Kevin came in the 1990’s. He is a bully to kids probably because his father was controlling and abusive. He rides his bike as an escape (and rides it a lot in the tv show). It is theorized that he died and made up a dad (as it is in the tv show) that showers him with gifts and stays out of his way.
  • Jimmy came in the 2000’s and probably died of a sickness, as he is an introvert and sickly looking in the show.
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